The Casino

Airs: Fri, 16 Feb
10PM (MAL) | 9PM (HK/SG/TW/PH) | 8PM (JKT) | 6:30PM (LK)

Cast: Lily Ho, Yueh Hua, Chin Feng

After being separated for many years, two lovers meet in a possibly mythical "Lucky Casino" and vow to rid the establishment of the corrupt military generals, criminals and extortionists!

Let's Make Laugh II

Airs: Sun, 11 Feb
10PM (MAL) | 9PM (HK/SG/TW/PH) | 8PM (JKT) | 6:30PM (LK)

Cast: Joey Wang, Derek Yee, Paul Chun

Bodyguard Ah Sun is sent to protect his boss' son, only to meet and fall in love with his mistress, the gorgeous Joey. As the love blossoms between the two, the powerful boss finds out and all hell breaks loose!

Mr. Virgin

Airs: Sun, 25 Feb
10PM (MAL) | 9PM (HK/SG/TW/PH) | 8PM (JKT) | 6:30PM (LK)

Cast: Alfred Chang, Chen Wen-ya, Liang Yun-hsin

Mr. Virgin is a romantic comedy about a 29-year-old man who becomes paranoid when a Feng Shui expert tells him it will be unlucky for him to marry before the age of thirty… So of course comical chaos follows the days leading up to his birthday!

Crazy Shaolin Disciples

Airs: Sun, 4 Feb
10PM (MAL) | 9PM (HK/SG/TW/PH) | 8PM (JKT) | 6:30PM (LK)

Cast: Gordon Liu, Wang Yu, Lo Mang

Three young kung-fu warriors from wildly different backgrounds become students of Shaolin at the same temple. These three warriors are: Royal Guard Lo Lieh, fleeing soldier, Lo Meng, and villager, Wang Yu.

Whatever You Want

Airs: Mon, 19 Feb
10PM (MAL) | 9PM (HK/SG/TW/PH) | 8PM (JKT) | 6:30PM (LK)

Cast: Anita Yuen, Bowie Wu, Christy Chung

Lovable Anita Yuen stars as an illegitimate daughter who gets 3 wishes from a genie, leading to much hilarity in this charming fantasy comedy.

How to Choose a Royal Bride

Airs: Sun, 18 Feb
10PM (MAL) | 9PM (HK/SG/TW/PH) | 8PM (JKT) | 6:30PM (LK)

Cast: Derek Yee, Joey Wang, Wang Yu

An outrageous princess (Joey Wang) runs away from a blind-marriage with the emperor (Derek Yee), whom she falls for after they meet…

Double Bliss

Airs: Sat, 17 Feb
10PM (MAL) | 9PM (HK/SG/TW/PH) | 8PM (JKT) | 6:30PM (LK)

Cast: Liang Hsing-po, Ching Li, Chin Feng

Double Bliss tells the story of two students who fall in love and want to wed, but there is one small snag: their parents don't agree! The two ingenious lovebirds come up with what they think is a foolproof plan...They play dead!

Tales of Larceny

Airs: Sun, 5 Nov
10PM (MAL) | 9PM (HK/SG/TW/PH) | 8PM (JKT) | 6:30PM (LK)

Cast: Tsung Hua, Hsia Ping, Liu Tan

Connecting all the antics of bosses, monks, beggars, and thieves is the slippery and sinuous efforts of three pickpockets so adept at their chosen skill that they can even trick three beauties of their underwear without missing a step.

10PM (MAL) | 9PM (HK/SG/TW/PH) | 8PM (JKT) | 6:30PM (LK)

The Dancing Millionairess

Airs: Sun, 26 Nov
10PM (MAL) | 9PM (HK/SG/TW/PH) | 8PM (JKT) | 6:30PM (LK)

Cast: Betty Loh Ti, Chen Ho, Kao Pao-shu

The Dancing Millionaires is of the most enjoyable musicals to grace the Hong Kong screens, starring husband & wife team Peter Chen Ho and Betty Loh Ti presenting some extraordinary performances.

Dawn will Come

Airs: Sun, 19 Nov
10PM (MAL) | 9PM (HK/SG/TW/PH) | 8PM (JKT) | 6:30PM (LK)

Cast: Ivy Ling Po, Li Hsiang-chun, Lei Ming

The lovely Li Hsiang-chun stars as a poor beauty who has been drugged, ravished, lied to, locked in a burning store room, left to drown, and chased by sword-wielding ruffians. Her only hope is her betrayer


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Teenage Dreamers

Airs: Thu, 7 Dec
10PM (MAL) | 9PM (HK/SG/TW/PH) | 8PM (JKT) | 6:30PM (LK)

Cast: Leslie Cheung, Elaine Chow

This refreshing musical comedy about teenage life stars a young Leslie Cheung & fresh-faced newcomer Elaine Chow. It earned a number of Golden Horse & HK Film Award nominations.

Love in a Fallen City

Airs: Thu, 21 Dec
10PM (MAL) | 9PM (HK/SG/TW/PH) | 8PM (JKT) | 6:30PM (LK)

Cast: Chow Yun Fat, Cora Miao

Based on a novel by the great Eileen Chang and directed by the equally acclaimed Ann Hui, this sad but beautiful romance story sets during the World War II, where dreams of riches and love are shattered by reality.

Let's Make Laugh

Airs: Thu, 28 Dec
10PM (MAL) | 9PM (HK/SG/TW/PH) | 8PM (JKT) | 6:30PM (LK)

Cast: Kenny Bee, Cecilia Yip, Chan Friend, Anita Mui

“Let’s Make Laugh” is an award-winning 1980’s comedy starring Kenny Bee, Cecilia Yip, Chan Friend and Anita Mui. When a young housewife’s (Cecilia Yip) debt-ridden, philandering husband leaves her with a mountain of debt, a security guard (Kenny Bee) is hired by the government to guard the assets, but begins falling for her instead.

The Black Falcon

Airs: Sun, 3 Dec
10PM (MAL) | 9PM (HK/SG/TW/PH) | 8PM (JKT) | 6:30PM (LK)

Cast: Jenny Hu, Tu Chuan, Chang Chung

Jenny Hu and veteran co-star Margaret Tu Chuan join longtime0020idol Paul Chang Chung in a battle against the notorious Black Falcon crime mob in Singapore. Together they have to face forgery, fire, and even poisoned needles to stop the mob.

The Tea House

Airs: Sun, 24 Dec
10PM (MAL) | 9PM (HK/SG/TW/PH) | 8PM (JKT) | 6:30PM (LK)

Cast: Chen Kuan-tai, Karen Yip

Real-life champion martial artist Chen Kuan-Tai plays a powerful role in this memorable saga of action and romance; fighting against gangsters for his true love.

Angel with the Iron Fists

Airs: Sun, 31 Dec
10PM (MAL) | 9PM (HK/SG/TW/PH) | 8PM (JKT) | 6:30PM (LK)

Cast: Lily Ho, Fanny Fan, Tang Chin

Lo Wei directs and stars as the chief detective in this gripping thriller; playing alongside Lily Ho, who excels in the role of an undercover avenger that can fight as well as she flirts! Caught between the crime bosses known as Baldhead and Black Widow, she only has four choices: punch, kick, shoot or bombard with explosives!

Man of Iron

Airs Thu, 21 Sep
10PM (MAL) | 9PM (HK/SG/TW/PH) | 8PM (JKT) | 6:30PM (LK)

Cast: Chen Kuan-tai, Li Ching

In this follow-up to the smash hit, The Boxer From Shantung, Chen Kuan Tai gambles and wins all the money from a Shanghai gang leader

The Wandering Swordsman

Airs Thu, 28 Sep
10PM (MAL) | 9PM (HK/SG/TW/PH) | 8PM (JKT) | 6:30PM (LK)

Cast: David Chiang, Lily Li

The wandering swordsman Yu Hsieh Erh travels around seeking adventure and meets a group of bandits who are planning to rob a convoy escorting some valuables. Initially, he is tricked by them into participating in the robbery but then realises his folly and he returns to take his revenge on them.

The Delightful Forest

Airs Thu, 7 Sep
10PM (MAL) | 9PM (HK/SG/TW/PH) | 8PM (JKT) | 6:30PM (LK)

Cast: Ti Lung, Tien Ching, Yu Feng

The legendary hero Wu Sung (Ti Lung) is sent to a prison in Meng province after murdering his sister-in-law and her lover. While in prison, he becomes acquainted with the prison officer Shih En (Tien Ching), who saved Wu from the baton punishment required for new prisoners. Owing Shih En a favour, Wu Sung finds out that Shih

The Lady Professional

Airs Sun, 3 Sep
10PM (MAL) | 9PM (HK/SG/TW/PH) | 8PM (JKT) | 6:30PM (LK)

Cast: Lily Ho, Chang Pei-shan

Lily Ho is perfectly cast as a gun-for-hire who always gets her man - in more ways than one! The cast and crew shot on location in Japanese scenic spots such as Mount Fuji; and there are plenty of over-the-top thrills, as Lily even masquerades as a nun.

Pursuit of a Killer

Airs Sun, 10 Sep
10PM (MAL) | 9PM (HK/SG/TW/PH) | 8PM (JKT) | 6:30PM (LK)

Cast: Lo Mang, Pai Piao

The charm of Pursuit Of A Killer lies in the long awaited reunion of two Five Venoms; Lo Meng, who plays a mainland Chinese criminal escaping to Hong Kong in search of a better life, and Sun Chien, the cop who helps him adjust to Hong Kong life while tracking down his mysterious killer.

One Way Only

Airs Sun, 17 Sep
10PM (MAL) | 9PM (HK/SG/TW/PH) | 8PM (JKT) | 6:30PM (LK)

Cast: Robert Mak, Tai Liang-shun

Acclaimed actor Danny Lee plays a motorbike workshop owner who gets injured during an illegal motorcycle race but continues to race regardless of the physical consequences and the law.

Super Inframan

Airs Sun, 24 Sep
10PM (MAL) | 9PM (HK/SG/TW/PH) | 8PM (JKT) | 6:30PM (LK)

Cast: Danny Lee, Wang Hsieh

When the nefarious Dragon Princess invades Hong Kong and summons monsters up from the center of the Earth for her army, Earth

Gun Brothers

Thu, 5 Oct
10PM (MAL) | 9PM (HK/SG/TW/PH) | 8PM (JKT) | 6:30PM (LK)

Cast: Ling Yun, Chiao Chiao, Fang Ying

Talented director Chen Gang writes and co-directs this tale of one man who declares war against the corrupt and tyrannical county authorities.

The Singing Thief

Airs Thu, 12 Oct
10PM (MAL) | 9PM (HK/SG/TW/PH) | 8PM (JKT) | 6:30PM (LK)

Cast: Lily Ho, Jimmy Lin, Lo Lieh

Taiwanese star Lin Chong plays a jewel thief who decides to turn over a new leaf. He opens a nightclub and starts anew as a professional singer. But before long, the rehabilitated thief becomes a suspect for a series of robberies. With the help of a girl (Lily Ho), they set up a trap to snare the copycat thief, but will the trap backfire on them instead?

The Lizard

Airs Thu, 19 Oct
10PM (MAL) | 9PM (HK/SG/TW/PH) | 8PM (JKT) | 6:30PM (LK)

Cast: Connie Chan, Yueh Hua

A master thief earned his nickname 'The Lizard' by gliding on walls. Together with his partner, they steal from the rich and give to the poor, and end up running against a corrupt police chief…

The Pirate

Airs Thu, 26 Oct
10PM (MAL) | 9PM (HK/SG/TW/PH) | 8PM (JKT) | 6:30PM (LK)

Cast: David Chiang, Ti Lung

Pirate Chang Pao-Chai (Ti Lung) causes a leak after an otherwise successful raid on a foreign ship. He goes ashore to get materials to patch his ship up, where he encounters corrupt Qing officials and poor, oppressed peasants. Being a good man at heart, he decides to help out and becomes an even bigger outlaw in the process.


Airs Sun, 1 Oct
10PM (MAL) | 9PM (HK/SG/TW/PH) | 8PM (JKT) | 6:30PM (LK)

Cast: Cora Miao, Chow Yun Fat

Liang Pao-erh (Cora Miao) joins the carefree "Spinsters' Club" when she discovers her husband (Chow Yun Fat) is having an affair. Despite the seemingly happy front that her "sisters" put on, underneath it all each of them secretly yearns for a man in their lives.

The Happiest Moment

Airs Sun, 8 Oct
10PM (MAL) | 9PM (HK/SG/TW/PH) | 8PM (JKT) | 6:30PM (LK)

Cast: Hu Chin, Tien Lie, Michael Hui

In this horror anthology an old man dies from an overdose of virility pills, a cop goes on the run after extorting money from a hooker, and a mortician's ghost goes on the rampage.

The Blue and the Black

Airs Sun, 15 Oct
10PM (MAL) | 9PM (HK/SG/TW/PH) | 8PM (JKT) | 6:30PM (LK)

Cast: Linda Lin, Kwan Shan, Angela Yu

During the tumultuous years of World War II, a pair of lovers faces pressure from family members, invaders and the dark side of human nature.

One-Armed Swordsman

Airs Sun, 22 Oct
10PM (MAL) | 9PM (HK/SG/TW/PH) | 8PM (JKT) | 6:30PM (LK)

Cast: Wang Yu, Pan Yintse, Chiao Chiao

A noble swordsman, whose arm had been chopped off, returns to his former teacher to defend him from a villainous gang of rival swordsmen.

Justice, My Foot!

Airs Sun, 29 Oct
10PM (MAL) | 9PM (HK/SG/TW/PH) | 8PM (JKT) | 6:30PM (LK)

Cast: Stephen Chow, Anita Mui

Stephen Chow plays a silver-tongued lawyer whose unethical methods have made him notorious in the courthouse. But his wife (Anita Mui) fears that his dishonorable acts have cursed them to remain childless.

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The Brain Stealers

Airs: Sun, 14 Jan
10PM (MAL) | 9PM (HK/SG/TW/PH) | 8PM (JKT) | 6:30PM (LK)

Cast: Lily Ho, Peter Chen, Betty Ting

Scientist Li Chung-hua invents a chemical capable of accelerating the growth of plants, and humans. Not surprisingly, agents of world powers vie to get hold of this revolutionary invention.

The Generation Gap

Airs: Sun, 28 Jan
10PM (MAL) | 9PM (HK/SG/TW/PH) | 8PM (JKT) | 6:30PM (LK)

Cast: Agnes Chen, David Chiang, Ti Lung

Director Chang Cheh and actors Ti Lung & David Chiang give Shaw Bros a contemporary facelift with this gangster melodrama revealing the painful experiences of today's youth.

Emperor Chien Lung and the Beauty

Airs: Sun, 21 Jan
10PM (MAL) | 9PM (HK/SG/TW/PH) | 8PM (JKT) | 6:30PM (LK)

Cast: Anthony Lau, Helen Poon

One of the most respected, long-lived and powerful emperors in Chinese history, Chien Lung, travels to one of the most scholarly cities in China incognito, and there he indulges his interest in gambling and a certain courtesan.


Airs: Sun, 7 Jan
10PM (MAL) | 9PM (HK/SG/TW/PH) | 8PM (JKT) | 6:30PM (LK)

Cast: Li Ching, Kwan Shan

Li Ching stars as Susanna, a beautiful singer who’s youthful exuberance is given free rein until she discovers that she has a brain tumor…