• 12:25 am

    "Godfather of the kung-fu film", Chang Cheh follows his international hit, The Five Venoms with a popular sequel about blind, deaf, footless and child-like kung-fu fighters who brilliantly train to take their revenge - resulting in a totally unbelievable but totally awesome martial arts experience.

    Chan Kuan-tai, Lu Feng, Kuo Chue, Lo Meng, Sun Chien, Pan Ping-chang

    Chang Cheh

  • 02:15 am

    Perennial martial-arts villain Shek Kin takes on a rare comedic role as a playful ghost who befriends a young boy & helps him reunite his feuding parents, Ti Lung & Josephine Siu.

    Ti Lung , Josephine Siu , Shek Kin

    Chen Chia-sun

  • 03:50 am

    To showcase his incredibly agile new star, Cheng Tien-chi, veteran, venerated martial arts movie director Chang Cheh made this spectacular, internationally popular, favorite about evil ninjas and the five Chinese kung-fu masters who beat them at their own game.

    Lung Tien-hsing, Chen Tien-chi, Chen Hui-min

    Chang Cheh

  • 05:45 am

    Chang Cheh's The Water Margin is the martial arts epic of epics. Based on the true legend of how 108 rebels in the mountains were able to repeatedly defeat invading Sung armies.

    David Chiang, Ti Lung, Lily Ho, Chin Feng, Yueh Hua

    Chang Cheh

  • 07:55 am

    Songfest is an Eastmancolor-Shawscope costume musical, traditionally Chinese and timeless in content; yet revealing a spirited and modern technique.

    Margaret Tu Chuan, Julie Shih-yen, Chiao Chuang, Lily Ho

    Yuan Chiu-feng

  • 09:20 am

    Award-winning actor Ku Feng is Lei Chen-tien, a vicious, cunning, murderous brigand who wants the title treasure. Tsung Hua is Tai Tien-chou, the handsome swordsman who wants to avenge his father's death.

    Wang Ping, Tsung Hua, Tien Feng, Pai Lu

    Tien Feng

  • 10:50 am

    Alex (Cheung Chi-lam) is happily married to a gynecologist, Tung (Anita Yuan Yung-yi) for five years. When Alex is fatally wounded in an accident, he feels obliged to tell Tung about his affair with Blackie (Josie Ho); who is carrying his baby. Alex's mom (Deanie Yip) is devastated about her son's death, but insists that Tung locate Blackie. Fate has it that the three women have to live under the same roof...

    Anita Yuen, Cheung Chi-lam, Deanie Yip, Ho Chiu-yee

    Frankie Chan

  • 12:35 pm

    Ten years ago, a man named Dao-tin was a well-known triad gangster in West Central District, his son Dao-fai and a daughter Dao-gewai from a different wife of Dao-tin. All living in Manila now a day, but son of Dao-tin rebel his father and Dao-tin expelled his son out of the family.

    CHIN Siu HO, Lily CHUNG, Ben NG

    Jimmy KO

  • 02:05 pm

    Based on the novel by acclaimed writer Eileen Chang, Ann Hui presents screen icon Chow Yun Fat in one of his finest performances. Also featuring award-winning costumes & score.

    Cora Miao, Chou Jun-fa, Chiang Chung-ping

    Ann Hui

  • 03:50 pm

    Just after the Chinese Revolution, Japanese invaders start to infiltrate Northeast China. In the film, a vicious judo expert Arashi Tani (Chen Feng-chen) wants to prove that Chinese are the "sick people of Asia" by sabotaging and killing all the best martial artists in dangerous tournaments.

    Shih Szu, Chuan Yuan

    Chang Yi-hu

  • 05:25 pm

    A unique product of 1960s Hong Kong Cinema, this Huangmei Opera movie features screen queen Li Ching, the dulcet tones of Ivy Ling Po & Jing Ting in a comical, gender-bending tale.

    Li Ching, Hsiao Hsiang, Chu Ching

    Yang Fan

  • 07:10 pm

    Sun Chung had been recognized as an expert comedy and crime thriller director, but he was to gain even greater acclaim for his soulful, powerful, intelligent, and beautifully-made martial arts epics. This stands alongside The Deadly Breaking Sword and The Kung-fu Instructor as one of his very best.

    Wang Yu, Chen Kuan-tai, Lo Lieh, Lin Hsiu-chun

    Sun Chung

  • 09:00 pm

    When Chang Sun gives stranded Wen Jou a ride home he falls instantly in love. However, her gangster brother, Wen Chiang, takes an instant dislike to Chang, who must fight for love!

    Li Ching, Ti Lung, David Chiang, Chen Yen-yen

    Chang Cheh

  • 10:50 pm

    When young martial artist "The Rat" unwittingly rescues the emperor from a gang of thieves, it sets in motion a chain of events that see him compete for his life against "The Cat".

    Fu Sheng, Cheng Shao-chiu , Hui Ying-hung

    Liu Chia-liang