• 12:20 am

    As punishment for bad behaviour, the Jade Emperor's 7th daughter is banished from heaven & sent to live with the humans. There she falls in love with young villager, Dong Young.

    Ivy Ling Po, Fang Ying

    Chen Yu-hsin, Ho Meng-hua

  • 02:05 am

    Like many of the swordsman films of the sixties, The Magnificent Swordsman centers on the hero vowing vengeance against evil bandits that killed his family when he was a child.

    Shu Pei-pei, Huang Tsung-hsing, Tien Feng, Ching Miao

    Yueh Fung, Cheng Kang

  • 03:35 am

    The glorious Betty Loh Ti stars as a beauty who disguises herself as a boy in order to receive a forbidden education in this multi award-winning drama from director Li Han Hsiang.

    Betty Loh Tih, Ivy Ling Po

    Li Han-hsiang

  • 05:45 am

    When Chang Sun gives stranded Wen Jou a ride home he falls instantly in love. However, her gangster brother, Wen Chiang, takes an instant dislike to Chang, who must fight for love!

    Li Ching, Ti Lung, David Chiang, Chen Yen-yen

    Chang Cheh

  • 07:35 am

    Asassins Alex Man & Kara Hui are sent to murder the emperor's illigitimate daughter, while Max Mok & Candice Yu must protect her. When the girl escapes, the fun has just begun.

    Tung Wei, Alex Man, Hui Ying-hung, Yu An-an

    Cha Chuen-yi

  • 09:10 am

    Based on the novel by acclaimed writer Eileen Chang, Ann Hui presents screen icon Chow Yun Fat in one of his finest performances. Also featuring award-winning costumes & score.

    Cora Miao, Chou Jun-fa, Chiang Chung-ping

    Ann Hui

  • 10:55 am

    Before THE BIG BOSS and FIST OF FURY, Lo Wei fashioned this entertaining treasure hunt thriller starring Tina Chin-fei as a cool chick who gets hold of one half of a treasure map.

    Tina Chin Fei , Tang Chin , Wang Hsia , Lo Wei

    Lo Wei

  • 12:40 pm

    A critically acclaimed New Wave drama sizzling with erotic tension depicts the destruction of three lives in a love triangle, played by Alex Man, Kwan Hoi Shan & Cherie Chung.

    Cherrie Chung, Alex Man, Lo Lieh, Kwan Hoi-shan

    Tsai Chi-kuang

  • 02:20 pm

    The Golden Lion is a bandit with mysterious strength who robs from the rich and gives to the poor. One night, he is ambushed and poisoned by the evil bounty hunter… can he escapes?

    Li Ching, Chao Hsiung

    Ho Meng-hua

  • 03:55 pm

    After killing a tiger, Wu Sung is appointed chief constable, but is soon drawn into a tragic love triangle between his ugly brother and her alluring wife, who tries to seduce him.

    Wang Ping, Ti Lung, Wang Lai, Ku Feng

    Li Han-hsiang

  • 05:35 pm

    Based on Jin Yong's classic novel, Ling Yun plays a bloodthisty swordsman who avenges his sister's murder by kidnapping a girl from the rival clan, only to fall in love with her.

    Wang Yu, Niu Niu, Lo Lieh, Lily Li

    Ho Meng-hua

  • 07:10 pm

    Liu Yung plays a Ching Dynasty detective, who seeks out court corruption with the help of a streetwise youth. Together they teach these corrupt fat cats a well-deserved lesson.

    Liu Tung, Hsang Yu, Ching Miao, Li Kun

    Li Han-hsiang

  • 09:00 pm

    Chen Wo Fu died at the tender of age of 24, before the release of this intriguing action drama, in which he must renounce pacifism and seek revenge when his girlfriend is raped.

    Chen Wo-fu, Shih Szu, Frankie Wei, Chan Shen

    Pao Hsueh-li

  • 10:30 pm

    Teddy Robin makes his debut coming to the aid of a blind girl, played by the beautiful Chin Ping. Teddy also performs all the wonderful hits he composed especially for the film

    Chin Ping, Teddy Robin, Yu Chung-chieh, Yi Mei, Hsu Yu

    Wu Chia-hsiang