• 12:50 am

    The directorial debut from acclaimed actor Danny Lee, Hong Kong's answer to Easy Rider sees Lee play a physically scarred mechanic who continues to race regardless of the dangers.

    Mai Tak-lo, Tai Liang-shun

    Danny Lee

  • 02:35 am

    A wonderfully twisted, pseudo-romantic comedy starring Liang Tien and Chang Ying in an age-old competition between rookie con artist versus the ultimate, experienced flimflam man.

    Liang Tien, Chang Ying, Chen Ping

    Wang Feng

  • 04:15 am

    Lily Ho stars as a seductive hit woman in this contemporary Shaw Bros action thriller. Filmed in HK and Japan the story follows Ho's assassin as she discovers she is now a target.

    Lily Ho, Chang Pei-shan, Huang Tsung-hsing, Ching Miao

    Ma Chi-ho

  • 05:45 am

    Wang Chung mixes comedy, tragedy & melodrama in this unique action film. Lung Tien-sheng & Cheng Tse-shih play incompetent cops whose ineptitude leads to rape, duplicity & murder.

    Wang Chung, Cheng Tse-shih

    Wang Chung

  • 07:30 am

    Seventy two remarkable actors play a hilarious cross-section of Hong Kong society, crammed into the same crumbling tenement slum in this vibrant landmark in Cantonese comedy.

    Ching Li, Hu Chin, Ho Shou-hsin, Nan Hung, Yueh Hua, Tien Ching

    Chu Yuan

  • 09:15 am

    A gang of misfits come together to protect a patriotic general from a scheming usurper in this film starring Chen Kuan Tai, a real life martial arts champion.

    Chen Kuan-tai, Ling Yun, Lily Ho, Frankie Wei

    Pao Hsueh-li

  • 10:45 am

    Danny Lee plays a grieving farm boy working for a riverboat pilot who falls for the gorgeous Lily Ho as he transports her opera troupe down river. Complications & tragedy ensues.

    Lily Ho, Ku Feng, Danny Lee

    Chang Tseng-chai

  • 12:15 pm

    Japanese horror starring Stephen Fung as a man who dies in a skiing accident, only for his best friend to marry his wife and inherit his fortune. Supernatural hijnks ensue.

    Stephen Fung, Misaki Ito , Shosuke Tanihara , Natsuo Ishidou

    Casey Chan

  • 01:55 pm

    Lo Lieh plays a dedicated chief constable, who falls for the blind daughter (Li Ching) of a vicious bandit. This action-packed romantic epic also stars Ku Feng and David Chiang.

    Li Ching, Lo Lieh, Fang Mien, Ku Feng, Chen Sing

    Chang Cheh

  • 03:40 pm

    Director Lo Wei himself plays a bully in a fishing village, whose son lusts after a local beauty in this action-filled thriller full of passion and violence.

    Lo Wei, Li Li-hua, Elsie Tu Dih, Kang Wai

    Lo Wei

  • 05:35 pm

    While planning the retaliation against murderous Huan, Shen Lang's wife disrupts the conference and must be escorted home. On the way home they fall into Huan's murderous trap.

    David Chiang, Ching Li, Chen Ping

    Chu Yuan

  • 07:15 pm

    Lau Ka Leung revisits the success of THE SPIRITUAL BOXER with Gordon Liu playing the escaped convict out to clear his name, who masquerades as a hopping vampire to avoid detection!

    Wang Yu, Liu Chia-hui, Huang Hsing-hsiu

    Liu Chia-liang

  • 09:00 pm

    Tales Of A Eunuch stars Gordon Liu in a film laced with wild barrages of awesome martial arts, choreographed by Yuen Hua and Yuan Pien, Jackie Chan's long-time kung-fu classmates.

    Wang Yu , Ku Feng , Linda Chu , Liao Li-ling , Liu Chia-hui

    Hua Shan

  • 10:40 pm

    A young man (Wang Yu) who falls in love with a beautiful woman (Jenny Hu), only is she older than him.

    Wang Yu, Jenny Hu, Frankie Wei Hung

    Ho Meng-hua