• 12:55 am

    Liu Yung plays a Ching Dynasty detective, who seeks out court corruption with the help of a streetwise youth. Together they teach these corrupt fat cats a well-deserved lesson.

    Liu Tung, Hsang Yu, Ching Miao, Li Kun

    Li Han-hsiang

  • 02:45 am

    Nora Miao, regular on-screen love interest of Bruce Lee, stars in this twisty story as a country girl saved by a hero, while Liu Yung is the jilted lover desperate to win her back.

    Liu Yung, Tsung Hua, Nora Miao

    Hua Shan

  • 04:25 am

    Teddy Robin makes his debut coming to the aid of a blind girl, played by the beautiful Chin Ping. Teddy also performs all the wonderful hits he composed especially for the film

    Chin Ping, Teddy Robin, Yu Chung-chieh, Yi Mei, Hsu Yu

    Wu Chia-hsiang

  • 06:05 am

    From its evocative title to its gritty filming to its gutsy plot, this sizzling crime thriller struck a chord with international audiences.

    Pai Piao, Wang Jung, Lo Mang, Chen Pei-hsi

    Lan Nei-tsai

  • 07:35 am

    As the roguish scamp Zhen who and his best friend Chia collected proofs of corruption from the officials, they demanded to become the governor of the country…

    Michael Hui, Tanny, Ku Feng, Ching Miao

    Li Han-hsiang

  • 09:15 am

    Lo Lieh plays a dedicated chief constable, who falls for the blind daughter (Li Ching) of a vicious bandit. This action-packed romantic epic also stars Ku Feng and David Chiang.

    Li Ching, Lo Lieh, Fang Mien, Ku Feng, Chen Sing

    Chang Cheh

  • 11:00 am

    When two childhood friends in a remote community vow to live as sisters forever, the stage is set for a drama of tragic proportions when, years later, one leaves to get married.

    Chan Tak-yong , Winnie Lau , Kwok Chun-on , Michael Tao

    Wong Yuk-shan

  • 12:40 pm

    When young martial artist "The Rat" unwittingly rescues the emperor from a gang of thieves, it sets in motion a chain of events that see him compete for his life against "The Cat".

    Fu Sheng, Cheng Shao-chiu , Hui Ying-hung

    Liu Chia-liang

  • 02:20 pm

    Chang Chun Chiu travels from Canton to New York City, where he works illegally in a factory to repay the gangster who arranged his entry. But then he is arrested in a police raid.

    Ching Yung-cho, Wu Fu-sheng, Liao Chung-yu

    Chang Wan-ting

  • 04:00 pm

    Shaolin firebrands Fang Shih-yu, Hung Hsi-kuan, and Hu Huei-chien are as famous in Asia as the Three Musketeers are in America and Europe. So when the "godfather of the kung-fu film," Chang Cheh decided to tell their stories with Alexander Fu Sheng, Chen Kuan-tai, and Chi Kuan-chi in the roles, it was cause for celebration.

    Chen Kuan-tai, Fu Sheng, Chi Kuan-chun, Lu Ti

    Chang Cheh

  • 05:40 pm

    Carina Lau leads a police squad made up solely of gorgeous female officers. Comedy hijinks ensue when reckless cops Eason Chan and Jerry Lamb are transferred to the all-girl unit.

    Eason Chan, Carina Lau , Cheung Tat Ming , Lee San San, Rachel Fu , Cathy Tsui

    Sharla Cheung

  • 07:20 pm

    The heroes are savage because the villains are brutal, cruel, and vicious. At first, a gang just wants the village locksmith to open a stolen safe, but it soon escalates into wholesale torment. Though reminiscent of The Seven Samurai, the director and his revered action choreographers, Liu Chia-liang and Tang Chia, design each of the many struggles with gritty depravity and desperate power. The result is an especially realistic, even grueling, exercise in suspense.

    David Chiang, Ti Lung, Wang Chung, Chen Kuan-tai, Danny Lee

    Chang Cheh

  • 09:00 pm

    The directorial debut from acclaimed actor Danny Lee, Hong Kong's answer to Easy Rider sees Lee play a physically scarred mechanic who continues to race regardless of the dangers.

    Mai Tak-lo, Tai Liang-shun

    Danny Lee

  • 10:45 pm

    Love triangle torturing the four youngsters. The story happens on a fish port in Taiwan, whereas there are many stones resemble female figures which people call them “lover stone”…

    Cheng Pei-pei , Chiao Chuang

    Pan Lei