• 12:15 am

    Anita Yuan stars in this delightful romantic comedy as a lonely girl who discovers a magic pearl. Michael Wong plays the genie who appears from inside and grants her three wishes.

    Anita Yuen, Michael Wong, Christy Chung, Jordan Chan

    Wong Jing

  • 01:55 am

    Ti Lung returns as the charming, elegant and sentimental swordsman who must face off against a rival clan to secure the fate of the martial arts world in this smash hit sequel.

    Ching Li, Ti Lung, Fu Sheng, Linda Chu

    Chu Yuan

  • 03:45 am

    Cheng Pei-pei stars as a young signer, Hsiao-Yun, struggles between love and career, with her success in career her relationship with her pianist lover Li Yen-nan (Peter Chen Ho).

    Peter Chen Ho, Cheng Pei-pei, Magaret Tu Chuan

    Hsieh Chun

  • 05:30 am

    Besides directing, Lau Kar Leung also stars as down-and-out monkey kung-fu master Chen, crippled by a ruthless villain, who tutors a street urchin in order to avenge his shame.

    Liu Chia-liang, Hsiao Ho, Hui Ying-hung

    Liu Chia-liang

  • 07:30 am

    When international favorite Alexander Fu Sheng starred in a movie, it was an event. The same was true when noted action comedy filmmaker Liu Chia-yung directed a movie. So it’s truly a special occasion when both direct the same movie – which Alexander Fu Sheng also stars in and Liu Chia-yung also choreographs. But even that’s not all. Scriptwriter Wong Jing also helped out behind the camera, legendary director/writer Wong Jing appeared in a cameo role. With all this, and even more, Wits Of The Brats is both a non-stop fighting farce and a special event.

    Fu Sheng, Chang Chan-peng, Wang Yu

    Fu Sheng, Liu Chia-yung

  • 09:10 am

    Ivy Ling Po plays a jealous starlet determined to murder her husband. The hit fails, but her hubby is charged with killing his would-be assassin, but a further obstacle remains.

    Ivy Ling Po, Huang Chung-shun, Chiao Chiao, Kwan Shan

    Mu Shih-chieh

  • 11:00 am

    The Golden Lion is a bandit with mysterious strength who robs from the rich and gives to the poor. One night, he is ambushed and poisoned by the evil bounty hunter… can he escapes?

    Li Ching, Chao Hsiung

    Ho Meng-hua

  • 12:35 pm

    A classic tale of tradition vs. individualism and family values vs. personal freedom from Chu Yuan, following the fates of four brothers in the large Yang clan during the 1920s.

    Li Ching, Wang Ping, Tsung Hua, Yueh Hua, Ching Li

    Chu Yuan

  • 02:20 pm

    The story is about the legendary Monkey King (Liu Chung-chun) teams up with Goddess of Mercy (Chao Li-chuan) and the Dragon Girl (Lung Nu) to battle the child god Hung Hai-erh (Ting Hua-chung),son of the Ox Demon (Hung Hai-erh) to rescue Tang Tseng, the Holy Pilgrim (Teng Chio-jen).

    Ting Hua-chung, Chang Chuan-li

    Chang Cheh

  • 04:05 pm

    Taiwan’s finest screen couple, Ko Chun-hsiung & Chang Mei-yao, star in this unique WWII romance. When he's drafted, leaving her pregnant, it's only the beginning of their struggle.

    Chang Mei-yao, Ko Chun-hsiung, Ou Wei, Chu Ching

    Pan Lei

  • 05:45 pm

    Like many of the swordsman films of the sixties, The Magnificent Swordsman centers on the hero vowing vengeance against evil bandits that killed his family when he was a child.

    Shu Pei-pei, Huang Tsung-hsing, Tien Feng, Ching Miao

    Yueh Fung, Cheng Kang

  • 07:15 pm

    Alex (Cheung Chi-lam) is happily married to a gynecologist, Tung (Anita Yuan Yung-yi) for five years. When Alex is fatally wounded in an accident, he feels obliged to tell Tung about his affair with Blackie (Josie Ho); who is carrying his baby. Alex's mom (Deanie Yip) is devastated about her son's death, but insists that Tung locate Blackie. Fate has it that the three women have to live under the same roof...

    Anita Yuen, Cheung Chi-lam, Deanie Yip, Ho Chiu-yee

    Frankie Chan

  • 09:00 pm

    Director Chang Cheh is famous for introducing the revolutionary concept of gender-bending martial arts movies. No star was better suited to this than the legendary Cheng Pei Pei.

    Cheng Pei-pei, Lo Lieh

    Chang Cheh

  • 10:40 pm

    The glorious Betty Loh Ti stars as a beauty who disguises herself as a boy in order to receive a forbidden education in this multi award-winning drama from director Li Han Hsiang.

    Betty Loh Tih, Ivy Ling Po

    Li Han-hsiang