• 12:40 am

    When kung-fu film fans see the names of John Lo Mar and his choreographer Hsu Hsia, they know they’re in for a flat-out, fight-filled, non-stop minimal martial arts masterpiece. And when they see the title Five Superfighters, they know they’re going to see one of his best.

    Wu Yuan-chun, Hui Tien-chi

    John Lo Mar

  • 02:25 am

    In this Chinese reworking of The Little Mermaid, a carp transforms into a fairy who resembles our hero's lady love. Their only hope for true love lies with the Godess of Mercy.

    Ivy Ling Po, Li Ching

    Kao Li

  • 04:10 am

    When young martial artist "The Rat" unwittingly rescues the emperor from a gang of thieves, it sets in motion a chain of events that see him compete for his life against "The Cat".

    Fu Sheng, Cheng Shao-chiu , Hui Ying-hung

    Liu Chia-liang

  • 05:55 am

    When two childhood friends in a remote community vow to live as sisters forever, the stage is set for a drama of tragic proportions when, years later, one leaves to get married.

    Chan Tak-yong , Winnie Lau , Kwok Chun-on , Michael Tao

    Wong Yuk-shan

  • 07:35 am

    Chang Cheh & Chan Koon Tai collaborate again in this powerful, exciting tale of a hot-headed patriot entangled in the collapse of the Qing Dynasty and the birth of a new Republic.

    Chen Kuan-tai, Lily Li, Betty, Yueh Hua

    Chang Cheh, Pao Hsueh-li

  • 09:20 am

    Kara Hui, arguably the top martial artiste of the 1980s, gets mixed up in a salt smuggling ring responsible for numerous missing persons in the region in this period actioner.

    Liu Yung, Tanny

    Li Han-hsiang

  • 10:55 am

    A young Danny Lee must save the earth from legions of monsters from the Earth's centre, led by a blonde-haired Demon Princess in this mind-boggling fantasy from director Hua Shan.

    Danny Lee, Wang Hsieh

    Hua Shan

  • 12:30 pm

    Take three of the most attractive women - Maggie Cheung Man-yuk, Cherie Chung Cho-hung and Rosamund Kwan, to ever grace the Hong Kong screen, mix them with two of the most lovable rogues (Kenny Bee and Nat Chen Pai-chiang), place them in the exotic beauty of Hawaii.

    Kenny B, Cherrie Chung

    Wong Jing

  • 02:10 pm

    When martial artists begin vanishing in the dead of night, wannabe detective Feng Chi-wu is determined to uncover the truth - until he realises evil vampire spirits are to blame!

    Max Mok, Yung Tsing-tsing, Wei Chiu-hua

    Chu Yuan

  • 03:50 pm

    Anita Yuan stars in this delightful romantic comedy as a lonely girl who discovers a magic pearl. Michael Wong plays the genie who appears from inside and grants her three wishes.

    Anita Yuen, Michael Wong, Christy Chung, Jordan Chan

    Wong Jing

  • 05:30 pm

    This tale of rival swordsmen competing with a powerful villain for a dangerous Peacock Dart showcases incredible fight choreography and culminates in a spectacular kung-fu climax.

    Ti Lung, Ching Li, Lo Lieh

    Chu Yuan

  • 07:15 pm

    Based on the novel by acclaimed writer Eileen Chang, Ann Hui presents screen icon Chow Yun Fat in one of his finest performances. Also featuring award-winning costumes & score.

    Cora Miao, Chou Jun-fa, Chiang Chung-ping

    Ann Hui

  • 09:00 pm

    Danny Lee plays a grieving farm boy working for a riverboat pilot who falls for the gorgeous Lily Ho as he transports her opera troupe down river. Complications & tragedy ensues.

    Lily Ho, Ku Feng, Danny Lee

    Chang Tseng-chai

  • 10:30 pm

    Big Potato opens an old-fashioned Chinese clinic, but his traditional methods are rejected by the sceptics of modern Hong Kong. Enter his good buddy Mr. Funnybone to the rescue.

    Wang Sha, Fanny, Ngai Tung-kwa

    Wang Feng