• 12:50 am

    Sun Chung had been recognized as an expert comedy and crime thriller director, but he was to gain even greater acclaim for his soulful, powerful, intelligent, and beautifully-made martial arts epics. This stands alongside The Deadly Breaking Sword and The Kung-fu Instructor as one of his very best.

    Wang Yu, Chen Kuan-tai, Lo Lieh, Lin Hsiu-chun

    Sun Chung

  • 02:40 am

    Big Potato opens an old-fashioned Chinese clinic, but his traditional methods are rejected by the sceptics of modern Hong Kong. Enter his good buddy Mr. Funnybone to the rescue.

    Wang Sha, Fanny, Ngai Tung-kwa

    Wang Feng

  • 04:20 am

    Alexander Fu Sheng stars in this comedic actioner, as the impetuous son who must stop challenging the skills of his father and fight alongside him against a corrupt dignitary.

    Fu Sheng, Huang Hsing-hsiu, Chen Hui-min, Ku Feng

    Sun Chung

  • 06:00 am

    The heroes are savage because the villains are brutal, cruel, and vicious. At first, a gang just wants the village locksmith to open a stolen safe, but it soon escalates into wholesale torment. Though reminiscent of The Seven Samurai, the director and his revered action choreographers, Liu Chia-liang and Tang Chia, design each of the many struggles with gritty depravity and desperate power. The result is an especially realistic, even grueling, exercise in suspense.

    David Chiang, Ti Lung, Wang Chung, Chen Kuan-tai, Danny Lee

    Chang Cheh

  • 07:40 am

    Director Lo Wei himself plays a bully in a fishing village, whose son lusts after a local beauty in this action-filled thriller full of passion and violence.

    Lo Wei, Li Li-hua, Elsie Tu Dih, Kang Wai

    Lo Wei

  • 09:35 am

    Lute demon Chin Mo (Pai Piao) has reappeared in the world to wreak havoc. Hsiao Feng-ling (Hui Ying-hung) is ordered to find a special bow and arrows that can counter the demon…

    Hui Ying-hung, Chin Siu-ho, Pai Piao, Kuo Chui

    Lung Yi-sheng

  • 11:25 am

    When international favorite Alexander Fu Sheng starred in a movie, it was an event. The same was true when noted action comedy filmmaker Liu Chia-yung directed a movie. So it’s truly a special occasion when both direct the same movie – which Alexander Fu Sheng also stars in and Liu Chia-yung also choreographs. But even that’s not all. Scriptwriter Wong Jing also helped out behind the camera, legendary director/writer Wong Jing appeared in a cameo role. With all this, and even more, Wits Of The Brats is both a non-stop fighting farce and a special event.

    Fu Sheng, Chang Chan-peng, Wang Yu

    Fu Sheng, Liu Chia-yung

  • 01:05 pm

    This devilish multi-layered caper reverses the roles, pitting a shrewd mistress of diguise against a slew of hapless male victims. Tina Chin-fei stars for director Jeong Chang Hwa.

    Pat Ting Hung, Tina Chi Fei, Gu Mei

    Cheng Chang-ho

  • 02:30 pm

    This is one of veteran writer/director Yueh Feng’s most memorable martial arts movies. It's not easy to forget a hunchbacked, one-armed protagonist, nor the "Poisonous Dragon Sword" style, nor the luminous and lethal Shih Szu as the title swordswoman.

    Yueh Hua, Tung Lin, Shih Szu, Chen Yen-yen

    Yueh Fung

  • 04:00 pm

    Alex (Cheung Chi-lam) is happily married to a gynecologist, Tung (Anita Yuan Yung-yi) for five years. When Alex is fatally wounded in an accident, he feels obliged to tell Tung about his affair with Blackie (Josie Ho); who is carrying his baby. Alex's mom (Deanie Yip) is devastated about her son's death, but insists that Tung locate Blackie. Fate has it that the three women have to live under the same roof...

    Anita Yuen, Cheung Chi-lam, Deanie Yip, Ho Chiu-yee

    Frankie Chan

  • 05:45 pm

    Talented director Chen Gang wrote and co-directed this tale of a Chinese Zorro, played by Ling Yun, who wages a one-man war against the venal and tyrannical county authorities.

    Fang Yin, Chiao Chiao, Tian Fung, Shen Yi, Ling Yun

    Wu Chia-hsiang, Chen Kang

  • 07:25 pm

    A romantic comedy about a 29-year-old man Chao Yu-ting (Alfred Chang) who becomes paranoid to marry before his thirty... so comical chaos line the days up to his next birthday!

    Alfred Chang , Chen Wen-ya , Liang Yun-hsin

    Chan Friend

  • 09:00 pm

    Chen Kuan-tai exuded incredible power on screen, which his directors used to great advantage in this fight-filled follow-up to the smash hit The Boxer From Shantung -- which culminates in an incredible climatic battle, choreographed by the legendary Liu Chia-liang and Chen Chuan.

    Chen Kuan-tai, Ching Li, Tien Ching

    Chang Cheh, Pao Hsueh-li

  • 10:45 pm

    Wang Hsiao Feng was named Best Actress at the HK Film Awards for playing a pregnant student who marries a total stranger, leading to a string of bizarre yet satisfying incidents.

    Derek Yee, Wang Hsiao-feng, Pan Chen-wei,

    Lu Chien-ming