• 12:10 am

    Gordon Liu stars as Wong Fei Hong, fighting for balance within the martial arts world against the Lu Clan in this dazzling martial arts masterpiece.

    Liu Chia-hui, Mai Te-lo, Ku Feng, Hui Ying-hung

    Liu Chia-liang

  • 02:05 am

    Li Ching plays a lovelorn bar girl in this 70s melodrama, who convinces a patron who resembles her ex-husband to spend Christmas with her and her son, who's never met his father.

    Ching Li, Ling Yun, Chang Tzu-le

    Chu Yuan

  • 03:30 am

    A gripping combination of eye-popping martial arts & thrilling detective work, sees monk Lei Hsin storm the Shaolin temple to clear his friend, accused of murdering a clan chief.

    Derek Yee , Liu Yu-pao, Pai Piao

    Tang Chia

  • 05:05 am

    Anita Yuan stars in this delightful romantic comedy as a lonely girl who discovers a magic pearl. Michael Wong plays the genie who appears from inside and grants her three wishes.

    Anita Yuen, Michael Wong, Christy Chung, Jordan Chan

    Wong Jing

  • 06:45 am

    To showcase his incredibly agile new star, Cheng Tien-chi, veteran, venerated martial arts movie director Chang Cheh made this spectacular, internationally popular, favorite about evil ninjas and the five Chinese kung-fu masters who beat them at their own game.

    Lung Tien-hsing, Chen Tien-chi, Chen Hui-min

    Chang Cheh

  • 08:40 am

    Director Lo Chen helmed this beautifully staged tragic love story of famed Peking Opera star Chiu Hai-Tang, his beautiful stage partner, and the warlord who stood between them.

    Li Li-hua, Ivy Ling Po, Kwan Shan, Ching Miao

    Lo Chen

  • 10:50 am

    The most chilling of the "Venom" movies sees masked killers wreaking havoc with vicious, razor-sharp tridents. Only a small band of fearless fighters can hope to save the day.

    Chiang Sheng, Chu Ko, Chin Siu-ho, Lu Feng, Kuo Chui, Wang Li

    Chang Cheh

  • 12:25 pm

    Award-winning Ching dynasty drama featuring a passionate performance by Lisa Lu, and is enhanced by sumptuous costumes and sets to produce a powerful and fascinating story.

    Lisa Lu, Hsiao Yao, Ti Lung

    Li Han-hsiang

  • 02:20 pm

    Chang Cheh & Chan Koon Tai collaborate again in this powerful, exciting tale of a hot-headed patriot entangled in the collapse of the Qing Dynasty and the birth of a new Republic.

    Chen Kuan-tai, Lily Li, Betty, Yueh Hua

    Chang Cheh, Pao Hsueh-li

  • 04:05 pm

    Teddy Robin makes his debut coming to the aid of a blind girl, played by the beautiful Chin Ping. Teddy also performs all the wonderful hits he composed especially for the film

    Chin Ping, Teddy Robin, Yu Chung-chieh, Yi Mei, Hsu Yu

    Wu Chia-hsiang

  • 05:45 pm

    Ti Lung protects his clan's secret martial arts manuscript, jealously sought by other tribes. When clan daughter Ouyang Pei-shan is threatened, Ti must uncover who is to blame!

    Ti Lung, Ching Li, Ouyang Pei-shan, Ku Feng

    Chu Yuan

  • 07:20 pm

    As the roguish scamp Zhen who and his best friend Chia collected proofs of corruption from the officials, they demanded to become the governor of the country…

    Michael Hui, Tanny, Ku Feng, Ching Miao

    Li Han-hsiang

  • 09:00 pm

    A gang of misfits come together to protect a patriotic general from a scheming usurper in this film starring Chen Kuan Tai, a real life martial arts champion.

    Chen Kuan-tai, Ling Yun, Lily Ho, Frankie Wei

    Pao Hsueh-li

  • 10:30 pm

    Japanese horror starring Stephen Fung as a man who dies in a skiing accident, only for his best friend to marry his wife and inherit his fortune. Supernatural hijnks ensue.

    Stephen Fung, Misaki Ito , Shosuke Tanihara , Natsuo Ishidou

    Casey Chan