• 12:10 am

    This is one of veteran writer/director Yueh Feng’s most memorable martial arts movies. It's not easy to forget a hunchbacked, one-armed protagonist, nor the "Poisonous Dragon Sword" style, nor the luminous and lethal Shih Szu as the title swordswoman.

    Yueh Hua, Tung Lin, Shih Szu, Chen Yen-yen

    Yueh Fung

  • 01:40 am

    Take three of the most attractive women - Maggie Cheung Man-yuk, Cherie Chung Cho-hung and Rosamund Kwan, to ever grace the Hong Kong screen, mix them with two of the most lovable rogues (Kenny Bee and Nat Chen Pai-chiang), place them in the exotic beauty of Hawaii.

    Kenny B, Cherrie Chung

    Wong Jing

  • 03:20 am

    Legendary actress Lin Feng Jiao stars in this romantic comedy as an unlikely romance occurs between an entrepreneur's son and a kindergarten's principal's niece.

    Hua Lun, Lin Feng-chiao, Chen Hao

    Chen Hao

  • 05:05 am

    A romantic comedy about a 29-year-old man Chao Yu-ting (Alfred Chang) who becomes paranoid to marry before his thirty... so comical chaos line the days up to his next birthday!

    Alfred Chang , Chen Wen-ya , Liang Yun-hsin

    Chan Friend

  • 06:40 am

    Liu Yung plays a Ching Dynasty detective, who seeks out court corruption with the help of a streetwise youth. Together they teach these corrupt fat cats a well-deserved lesson.

    Liu Tung, Hsang Yu, Ching Miao, Li Kun

    Li Han-hsiang

  • 08:30 am

    Ti Lung returns as the charming, elegant and sentimental swordsman who must face off against a rival clan to secure the fate of the martial arts world in this smash hit sequel.

    Ching Li, Ti Lung, Fu Sheng, Linda Chu

    Chu Yuan

  • 10:20 am

    A young man (Wang Yu) who falls in love with a beautiful woman (Jenny Hu), only is she older than him.

    Wang Yu, Jenny Hu, Frankie Wei Hung

    Ho Meng-hua

  • 11:55 am

    Seventy two remarkable actors play a hilarious cross-section of Hong Kong society, crammed into the same crumbling tenement slum in this vibrant landmark in Cantonese comedy.

    Ching Li, Hu Chin, Ho Shou-hsin, Nan Hung, Yueh Hua, Tien Ching

    Chu Yuan

  • 01:40 pm

    Songfest is an Eastmancolor-Shawscope costume musical, traditionally Chinese and timeless in content; yet revealing a spirited and modern technique.

    Margaret Tu Chuan, Julie Shih-yen, Chiao Chuang, Lily Ho

    Yuan Chiu-feng

  • 03:05 pm

    Chang Cheh directs a very young Chin Siu Ho as Hu Fei, the orphaned son of a heroic warrior, who sets out to contront the renowned swordsmen responsible for his parents' deaths.

    Chin Siu-ho, Chiang Sheng, Linda Chu, Kuo Chui

    Chang Cheh

  • 05:15 pm

    Betty is a plucky maid, who manages her mistress' complicated love life. With a young scholar masquerading as a girl & a bandit's sister disguised as a man, the task is never easy.

    Loh Tih, Diana Chang Chung-wen, Ting Ning, Chiao Chuang

    Yen Chun

  • 07:25 pm

    Asassins Alex Man & Kara Hui are sent to murder the emperor's illigitimate daughter, while Max Mok & Candice Yu must protect her. When the girl escapes, the fun has just begun.

    Tung Wei, Alex Man, Hui Ying-hung, Yu An-an

    Cha Chuen-yi

  • 09:00 pm

    Director Lo Wei himself plays a bully in a fishing village, whose son lusts after a local beauty in this action-filled thriller full of passion and violence.

    Lo Wei, Li Li-hua, Elsie Tu Dih, Kang Wai

    Lo Wei

  • 10:55 pm

    David Chiang leaps into action as Chang Cheh's all-new one-armed hero when the love of his life is kidnapped & his best friend is murdered by a gang hiding out on Tiger Mountain.

    Li Ching, David Chiang, Ti Lung, Ku Feng

    Chang Cheh