• 12:25 am

    Well-meaning Mr Funny-bone (Wang Sha) & his sidekick, Mr. Potato (Ngai Tung-kwa) get tangled in love when Mr Funny-bone falls head over heels in love with the dashing Li Ching.

    Wang Sha, Li Ching

    Kuei Chih-hung

  • 02:00 am

    A critically acclaimed New Wave drama sizzling with erotic tension depicts the destruction of three lives in a love triangle, played by Alex Man, Kwan Hoi Shan & Cherie Chung.

    Cherrie Chung, Alex Man, Lo Lieh, Kwan Hoi-shan

    Tsai Chi-kuang

  • 03:40 am

    One of the most beloved martial arts dramas of all-time chronicles the Thirteen Eagles Assassination Sect of the Iron Boat clan and the formidable warriors united by tragedy.

    Ku Feng , Fu Sheng, Ti Lung

    Sun Chung

  • 05:15 am

    As punishment for bad behaviour, the Jade Emperor's 7th daughter is banished from heaven & sent to live with the humans. There she falls in love with young villager, Dong Young.

    Ivy Ling Po, Fang Ying

    Chen Yu-hsin, Ho Meng-hua

  • 07:00 am

    Danny Lee plays a grieving farm boy working for a riverboat pilot who falls for the gorgeous Lily Ho as he transports her opera troupe down river. Complications & tragedy ensues.

    Lily Ho, Ku Feng, Danny Lee

    Chang Tseng-chai

  • 08:30 am

    A unique product of 1960s Hong Kong Cinema, this Huangmei Opera movie features screen queen Li Ching, the dulcet tones of Ivy Ling Po & Jing Ting in a comical, gender-bending tale.

    Li Ching, Hsiao Hsiang, Chu Ching

    Yang Fan

  • 10:15 am

    Three young kung-fu warrirors from wildly different backgrounds: Royal Guard Lo Lieh, fleeing soldier Lo Meng and villager Wang Yu - become students of Shaolin at the same temple.

    Liu Chia-hui, Wang Yu, Lo Mang, Chin Siu-ho

    Yau Ka-hung

  • 11:50 am

    Respected veteran Yueh Feng made this "Martial Arts World" saga of a masked master of the "Black Sand Hand Technique", while Lily Ho, the star of Princess Iron Fan and Angel With The Iron Fists, excels in a delightful dual role as a swordswoman who steals for the poor, as well as Chiang I-ming - a man she disguises herself as to find the real robber of priceless Hua Shan martial arts manuals.

    Lily Ho, Kao Yuan, Shu Pei-pei, Wang Hsieh

    Yueh Fung

  • 01:35 pm

    Ivy Ling Po plays a jealous starlet determined to murder her husband. The hit fails, but her hubby is charged with killing his would-be assassin, but a further obstacle remains.

    Ivy Ling Po, Huang Chung-shun, Chiao Chiao, Kwan Shan

    Mu Shih-chieh

  • 03:25 pm

    Chang Cheh's The Water Margin is the martial arts epic of epics. Based on the true legend of how 108 rebels in the mountains were able to repeatedly defeat invading Sung armies.

    David Chiang, Ti Lung, Lily Ho, Chin Feng, Yueh Hua

    Chang Cheh

  • 05:35 pm

    Lo Wei helms this poetic romance that proves a perfect showcase for Ivy Ling Po's incredible talents, as a young scholar manipulated into marrying a nobleman's reluctant daughter.

    Ivy Ling Po, Lin Yu, Lo Wei, Ouyang Sha-fei

    Lo Wei

  • 07:20 pm

    Ling Yun is a young journalist who attracts the attentions of Tien Niu, his mentor's daughter. Initially he rejects her as too young but years later, tragedy brings them together.

    Ling Yun, Chin Han , Tien Niu , Wang Yu

    Sung Tsun-shou

  • 09:00 pm

    A young Danny Lee must save the earth from legions of monsters from the Earth's centre, led by a blonde-haired Demon Princess in this mind-boggling fantasy from director Hua Shan.

    Danny Lee, Wang Hsieh

    Hua Shan

  • 10:35 pm

    After several years of happy married life, a Professor (Alex Man) and his wife (Patricia Ha) agree to start a family together, only to discover they will need fertility treatment.

    Patricia Ha, Alex Man, Pan Chen-wei

    Chu Yuan